HyukJae Henry Yoo


HyukJae Henry Yoo, Lunacaster, 2020, Wood, hardware, electronics, 41 x 15 x 5 inches, Courtesy of the artist

The new musical instrument LunaCaster is the latest effort under the initiative for expanding musical possibilities via creation of instruments. The instrument has multi-national roots, combining the traditional music of Asia, namely the Chinese lute-like instrument Ruan(often nicknamed “Chinese Moon Guitar”), with the modern Western culture of Cigar Box Guitars which had served as one of the major foundation blocks for the Blues and Rock music. The instrument seeks to offer innovation in sound, musicality, improved playability, ease of learning, and ease of manufacture while maximizing the use of environmentally responsible and sustainable materials. The features of the instrument such as the tonal range and the versatile tuning enable composers and performers to create music which successfully transverse and bridge across many cultures, starting with the bridge connecting traditional Asian music with Western Classical and Popular music.

–HyukJae Henry Yoo



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