Amal Elnahrawy


Amal Elnahrawy, Re-birth, 2020

Artist Statement

On Earth, all creatures revive and cure themselves naturally. Death and birth are at times contiguous and could happen in the same second. It is a cycle and human beings are certainly a part of it. Learning from nature, I continued to push the limits of my technical and expressive abilities. I chose clay to represent the organic form of my natural elements, particularly trees, leaves, and parts of a human figure, to express my ideas of the productive Mother Earth. It is amazing the familiarity and the connection I feel touching the cold surface with my fingers. I feel clay is a part or an extension of my body.

Throughout my past years of struggle, I have been throwing my seeds desperately. I fertilized the soil with my decaying body to revitalize the artist in me. Currently, I am watching with pride the new plant pushing the dirt and growing towards the sun’s rays.

Amal Elnahrawy