David D'Ostilio

<em>Sun Disc</em>

David D'Ostilio, Sun Disc, 2018


David D'Ostilio, MMM, 2017

Artist Statement

My current body of work consists of objects that exist at the intersection of the mystical, ecological and the technological. Stories and mythology give us purpose, yet it is our objects that tell the human story. Our objects contain our history and define our aesthetic. Objects both utilitarian and decorative hold our stories. We look to nature for solutions of both beauty and utility. It is this convergence of nature, culture, and innovation that interest me. l seek out the connections between these aspects of our culture. This body of work I describe as Coded Cultural Objects. I am working on 3D printed sculptures, robotic milled sculpture, augmented reality, metal casting and ceramic. The use of earth materials connects the objects to the natural world. My process transports objects from the natural world into the digital world where they are modified and filtered to once again be produced in the physical world but transformed with different materials and meanings. I aim to create objects that utilize digital methods and aesthetics yet defy cultural classification through their transmuted nature. This work process places the objects into a global cultural framework. Their codes being mediated through every step of the process.

David D'Ostilio