Deborah Guzmán Meyer

<em>Pieris rapae egg</em>

Deborah Guzmán Meyer, Pieris rapae egg, 2020


Deborah Guzmán Meyer, Corallium, 2020

Artist Statement

In this newly emerging body of work, I explore different organisms that undergo a process of transformation. I view art making as a problem-solving exercise. There’s a frenetic energy that comes from working on solving this problem, and then the piece becomes realized. It’s like putting a jigsaw puzzle together. You have all these pieces, but only slowly does the picture start to surface. Working in clay provided an outlet for the idea of transformation, how organisms can go through several alterations during their life cycle. Clay is the perfect medium to explore this concept as it goes through several metamorphoses in the cycle of becoming art.

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Deborah Guzmán Meyer