Jason Schneider

<em>White Segmented Disc</em>

Jason Schneider, White Segmented Disc, 2017

<em>Acid Etched</em>

Jason Schneider, Acid Etched, 2020

Artist Statement

White Segmented Disc is one work in a series of three that explores various materials and texture in a turned disc form. White plaster is used to contrast the color of the corrugated cardboard while revealing the undulating and directional patterning of the corrugations. The other works in this series employ the same segmented construction techniques using only corrugated cardboard and one made of solid wood (claro walnut). 

Acid Etched is from a new body of work that explores carved surfaces and color in corrugated cardboard. The carved surface reveals the vibrant core of the corrugated cardboard, similar to how acid will etch away various materials. 

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