Leslie Adler


Leslie Adler, Assimilation, 2018


Leslie Adler, Breakdown, 2018

<em>Wood I</em>

Leslie Adler, Wood l, 2018

Artist Statement

One of my inspirations is nature, its intricacies, its subtleties of form, pattern, and color. This includes biology and human form. These subjects are vast and universal and inspire many of us. For me, it is the interconnectivity and the freedom expressed in these things that particularly draw me in. It is the way birds fly through the sky, the way that trees support each other in the forest, and the way we, as part of the ocean of consciousness and co-create our world. This is why I am also inspired by mediation and the opportunity to know who we really are. Isn’t that one of the things that art is about, informing each other about ourselves? The other concept that is attractive to me is space. I’m very comfortable with spacial arrangements and often work with the architecture of nature mixed with human constructs. This is what we co-create every day. This also, like nature and biology relates to forming; “the way something is or happens”. 

The way that I produce art is through intuition. Intuition is my home. If I have to play too hard with a concept I tighten up. I need room to experiment. I do not worry about destruction, I have become very comfortable losing the preciousness of any one piece of work. I like to experiment with different mediums and work on several pieces at once. Finished pieces come from knowing when to walk away from a piece and when to come back. Although I move from piece to piece I can focus very intently on the project at hand. When I have trouble getting started I close my eyes and draw; sometimes to instrumental music. I have recently been making sketching more of a habit. I also take more time to sit in quiet and listen. 

Currently, in my paintings, I am simply focused on form.  I am continually thinking about ways to challenge myself in the way I express all kinds of form. Whether it is a human form or a natural form, form IS form. I have several processes that I am experimenting with. I'm Plein Air painting with oils and I am continually painting with inks. I alternate between the view at hand and the view from memory. This allows me to get away from depending on line or photography.  Working alternately in and out of the studio is very helpful. The other current body of works, my wood carvings, are made from my photography.  I will be making hand-pulled mono-prints from these wood carvings.

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