Marcos Salazar

<em>Still (I Rise)</em>

Marcos Salazar, Still (I Rise), 2020


Of Dominican heritage, Marcos Salazar was born in the Bronx, New York in 1993 and moved to Paterson, New Jersey in 2011. He is a New Jersey based artist whose artworks spans across different media. Salazar completed his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at William Paterson University in May of 2020.  He is highly skilled in both digital and mechanical techniques. His love for drawing, sculpting, and painting are expressed in his artworks.
As a young artist, he is constantly exploring the world around him. He describes it by saying, “My paintings are my everyday reflections.  The inspiration behind every work comes from introspection and thoughts.
​The images created are not exact physical representations of my actual appearance but share a likeness of my physicality and personality through a variety of artistic techniques." The art showcases a great deal of changing emotions that will resonate and contrast with one another. The viewer can experience the journey of human connection when viewing the artwork of Marcos.
Emotions such as, love, joy, anger, sadness, rejection, and redemption will be experienced firsthand by the viewer. The art will also demonstrate places unseen, but at the same time, places that are comforting and memories of a place that people feel they have visited but cannot quite recall all the details of the experience.
Marcos has gained inspiration from walking and observing sites in Paterson, NJ. A sketchbook or camera has been his campion on these excursions. By painting different monuments, people, and places around town, it helps him to further connect with his city and his current reality. From a sketch or photograph, the artist’s imagination and emotions take over to create his mixed media artworks.
In the past, Salazar has exhibited his artworks in one-man shows at the Hannah Gallery in the Paterson Museum and Broadway & LRC Galleries in Paterson, New Jersey. The Paterson Press published his solo exhibit on the front cover of the December 16, 2014 issue titled "Exhibit at Passaic County Community College Highlights Work by young Paterson artist." In December 2018, he published and illustrated a children's book titled Little Heroes: A Story of Courage, Determination, and Friendship. In January 2020, he showcased one of his etching prints at the group exhibition curated by the director, Line Press Material Matters, and the juror, Ruth Lyngen. 

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Marcos Salazar